Corrupted Paintbrush: Magores Fiends

With Grand Clash taking place tomorrow, I have been very busy prepping decks and practising.

Part of that prep has involved converting and painting my Magores Fiends warband:

The conversions are simply head swaps using the Deathwing Command for the Blood Warriors heads.

Having posted a few WIPs, people have asked how I painted some aspects of the miniatures, so here are a couple of the recipes:

The black follows Mengel Miniatures scheme; paint grey then wash with Nuln Oil repeatedly.

The weapons; paint white, wash with a 50/50 ice blue/medium, drybrush with white, wash with 20/80 ice blue/ medium.

The spirit bases; paint white, wash with Gulliman Blue, lightly wash with Coelia Greenshade, drybrush white then wash with 20/80 ice blue/ medium mix.

Hope to see you all at Grand Clash!

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