Combo of the Week: Concealed Strikes

This weeks combo comes courtesy of the new expansions.

Unparalleled Strike and Concealed Weapon combo together nicely. Since hammers become crits with Unparalleled Strike it triggers Concealed Weapon at the same time, meaning you now have a damage 4 Weapon on any character since the cards are universal.

These two cards would then combo even further with any attack dice affecting cards, of which there are quite a few!

Here are some faction specific examples, the Skaven one in particular has a lot of potential to cause maximum damage to a lot of fighters.

Mighty Swing is another good universal card to include for a 3 card combo as you can cause a hefty amount of damage to numerous fighters.

While this combo essentially does the same as the Heroslayer card (which does it for 1gp less), the chances of this are increased due to having more potential crits in your dice rolls.

Now to have a look at my deck for Grand Clash…..

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