Cara Loft: Relic Hunter

With the impending release of the final 2 expansions for Shadespire, we know that this will contain at least 2 pieces of the Katophrane Relics.

Note: I have said at least 2 as the cards say 6+ Relics, whether they plan on releasing extra relics in the future is not known.

This currently sits at the following 4 pieces:

With Katophranes Gloves confirmed as the 5th during Warhammer TVs recent battle report.

Now to look at their abilities as a whole:

While 3 Relics is pretty good for any aggressive character, the 6+ Relics are what everyone will be after to enable claiming 4 glory for every action; at that point is there any need for other objectives?

Looking at these pieces I can hear you say “but it costs at least 6 glory points, that may take a couple of turns to become effective. By that time the games over!”

Well we are going to look at some cards that will enable you to draw those 6+ pieces faster and play them sooner. As a single turn of activating the Relics action can gain you 16 glory!

First up drawing those cards, one drawn power card per activation isn’t a good trade off, considering you need to use your fighter to gain those important glory points. Duel of Wits is a nice reaction for an extra 2 cards, follow it up with Trust to Luck and the potential to draw a good number of pieces.

Drawing more cards is easy after you get 5 Relics on a Fighter, as they can trigger the “after this fighters action draw 2 power cards” ability. Perfect for searching for the final piece!

You have drawn the cards; now, how do you gain enough glory to take full advantage of 6 Relics?

More ploys! You will notice all these cards have a chance to score those valuable extra glory points, or remove having to spend them at all (Spoils of Battle).

Easy to claim objectives are also the key here, Claim Objective X, being a good example. Conservative play with Unbroken Wall can claim another easy glory point, then finally Ploymaster. Any Score Immediately objectives would be good to claim also, dependant on your warband.

With any luck you should be able to burn through some power cards and draw the Katophrane Relics with time to spare!

The final question is:

Do you put it on a heavy hitter and take advantage with the early aggressive re-rolls or do you play it safe, on a back fielder to keep them alive?

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