Tis But A Scratch!

Today we have a review of some defensive cards and some combinations for maximising the survivability of your characters with some sneaky combinations.

First up we will have a look at increasing the number of defence dice you roll.

Cursed Artefact, Acrobatic and Parry all increase your defensive dice. For example the artefact and parry on an uninspired stormcast would be 3 dice (4 once inspired). However you do remove a success with Parry it does however maximise you potential for rolling more crits or shields. Put them on guard with Acrobatic and you have 5 defence dice once inspired!

On characters such as the Lurking Skaven the Cursed Artefact and Acrobatic mean your rolling 4 defence dice for any incoming attacks. Perfect for holding those objectives!

Next up is denying your opponent the chance to stack up combos to take out your characters. Forceful Denial and Misdirection actively stall your opponents cards by stopping them or forcing them into another target. Curious Inversion works well with anyone who uses hammers on the attack, forcing them to use swords instead. It also has the added bonus of turning your dodges into shields as you defend.

Kill Denial is another valid defensive tactic, this involves cards that deny the killing blow. Soultrap offers a 50/50 chance of denying the blow, Unkillable for Gurzag is faction specific so can be stacked twice! Last Chance offers the same as Soultrap but with the advantage that it can be retained in your hand (I play this trap card! – yu go oh moment). Rebound offers the chance to defend the attack, as well as the turning the damage away onto the attacker!

Stat changes are another way of increasing the defence of a character. Ethereal Shield changes those pesky dodges into shields! Not so good for some warbands, but fantastic for others!

Finally there is No Time, play this once you have activated and deny your opponent the chance to play any of their power cards, or as the first card you play to deny them their defensive cards!

Now for a couple of combos:

“Karate Kid”

Acrobatic – Cursed Artefact – Shadestep

Contributes an extra 2 defence dice with the dodge stat (still does if you are on guard!). Then once your fighter survives; with a good defence roll you can manoeuvre away through their fighter to help out in other fights saving you a hex of movement.

“Karate Kid 2”

Acrobatic – Cursed Artefact – Curious Inversion

No need for guard on your Acrobatic Fighter when you can use Curious Inversion to turn those shields into dodges.

“It’s a trap!”

Any Keys – Cursed Artefact – Sacrificial Pawn

Particularly good for Undead and Skaven when equipped with keys. Position the fighter onto the objective they have the key for during the final activation, equip with Cursed Artefact to ensure any fighter can kill them (the Cursed Artefact isn’t required if you have one on 1wound). Announce that fighter as Sacrificial Pawn, worst case scenario you score 1 glory as your opponent kills them with a successful blow or you gain 2 glory as they hold the objective at the end of the game!

Now onto something different…..

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