Combo of the week – Heroslayer

Heroslayer is currently the highest damage output weapon (without additional upgrades) within the game also with it being a universal upgrade card it can be played onto any character. However, its main weakness is the lack of reliable attack having only a single die on hammers.

For this week I will have a look at a number of potential combinations that would match up well with the Heroslayer and get the most out of the card within the deck.

The first 1-2 punch, is to get Total Offence and Hero Slayer in your hand and available for play. Together they give a pretty healthy hit amount of attack dice for any character! With Hero Slayer being a 1 hammer & 4 damage attack, this is then boosted nicely by Total Offences increase to the number of attack dice to 3.

While pretty good together it reduces the mobility of the character, if you are wishing to trigger Total Offence for the dice boost.

With this in mind we are going to have a look at some cards to give a 1,2,3 combo and get the most out of this pairing.

Ready for Action is a pretty nifty card for this. Simply move your fighter equipped with Hero Slayer into position then upgrade them with Total Offence and trigger Ready for Action to make a free attack!

Mighty Swing or Black Hunger are pretty good options to play with this combo too (if you can position yourself amongst multiple enemy fighters). As you maximise the number of potential victims by attacking all adjacent characters! Also, for the Skaven Black Hunger would pump the damage up to 5!

Any of the “push a fighter” cards are great to remove their need for a move action to get in close enough for the kill.

Spoils of Battle (personally my favourite card) for that free upgrade if you have a character in position but lack the glory points to get both upgrades equipped.

Here are some warband specific options to drop Total Offence and get the same results, without the weakness to mobility:

Khorne have a ploy card called Blood Offering play this and Heroslayer on Arnulf (the destroyer of worlds) then go nuts!

Orruks have More Choppin’ which allows you the option to charge with the fighter (and ignore Total Offence). While only 2 dice on hammers, it still presents a good chance of a hit. They also have Brutal Frenzy which is upgraded onto their chaff fighters (Hakka and Basha), as a 3 part combo this would boost Heroslayer to a 3 hammer attack. Not shabby for the weakest of the Orruk boys!

I know there will be other combinations out there to get the most out of Hero Slayer and you shouldn’t build a deck around one card. But many of the extra cards for these combos are very good and useful within their respective decks before even considering Hero Slayer.

Now, I’m sure I seen pictures of the new warbands somewhere……

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