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The Well Geared Gamer takes a look a look at what third-party equipment is out there and whether or not you should invest in it!

This week we return to the workshops of  Red Beam Designs  and look at their Character Board 

They retail at £2.45 each, come in two parts. Some slight assembly and bit of PVA glue needed!

They can be purchased here:


Made from 3mm MDF and measuring approximately 145mm x 101mm.

(Credit to red beam Design for the image)


Putting together the Character Boards was very easy. It comes in two components, which already have the “cut-outs” removed so no fiddling with it. The only thing we needed to do was apply some PVA glue to the corners and rim, taking care not to get any on the ‘playing surfaces’.

We decided to give them a test run in a Orruk vs Orruk game. (just so happened to be the game I was playing at the time).

We Generally play on a 6ft x 4ft table so had plenty of room to layout, my 4 boards, I required as well as the Shadespire tournament box.

On first look the sleeved cards fit in with abit of wiggle room which is perfect for when you need to remove them. As you can see from the image I went for the 2 x 2 approach playing on a large table, however, you could easily rearrange it 4×1 or any other formation you’d like.

They are handy to use during the game, as you can see poor Bonekutta had taken enough damage to kill him, the tokens can be placed in the designated area and won’t be lost, or ‘accidently’ knocked off the table ( Losing wound tokens happens to me a lot ED!)

Next was time to use the upgrade ‘slots’

I wasn’t having my best game here but I actually managed to use these slots in the end. They fit sleeved cards perfectly and made the text very readable. As you can see from the image.

I made a bit of a mistake with setting out the boards as having them 2 x 2 obscured some cards behind.

What we liked:

  • Very handy for the smaller Warbands as it does take up much space
  • Secure method of placing tokens on your character cards not to lose them
  • Fits sleeved cards in with ease.
  • Customisable! We always enjoy anything that we can customise to our own personal Warbands
  • If you needed to move your character cards for any reason easy to move.
  • Protection! We all have that one clumsy mate who knocks a drink over at the table! There’s about a 6mm rim for the liquid to flood into before it gets to the cards
  • Ample size holes to get our slightly larger fingers in.
  • Durable!

What we didn’t like as much:

  • Only 4 upgrade cards on each character, we tend to ‘load’ one character with upgrades, sometimes this can exceed 4.
  • Although upgrades are stood upright, when several are included on the same character it makes them hard to read, maybe a suggestion would increase the size of the card stands and reduce the token area.



If like us, you like to keep a tidy table in front of you, these are an easy recommend – one caveat though if you are using undead, make sure you have a large enough table! Red Beam Designs can be found at 

The full range of  Red Beam Designs Shadespire accessories can be found here  :


Editors Note: Full Disclosure Red Beam Designs provided these character boards for review purposes free of charge to


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