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This week we are looking at Red Beam Designs Tournament Box.

Retailing at £10.55-11.35 (dependant on whether you require the cloth lining).

The box requires some fairly easy construction and the instructions are available via  Red Beam Design’s website here.

First Look

Once built the box looks smart and fairly solid, meaning it can be knocked around a little during those long tournament days.

Being made from MDF it will be easy to customise and ensure you don’t lose it (as we are sure these will be very popular amongst the Shadespire tournament scene).

The box has also been designed to allow for the storage of Shadespire boards on top of the segmented tray.

Once the board sections are removed, there are a fair number of storage sections within the bottom tray.

Dice and the different tokens can all be stored separately for easy access during gameplay, with larger sections to fit in your power/objective cards and even a section for the objective hexes!

In the centre of the tray there are numerous slots for your crew, a particularly nice feature is the addition of the MDF rings to accommodate the different base sizes.

Wiith the cloth or without, the box lid doubles up as a handy dice tray to avoid “dice bombing” your miniatures during game play.

Things we Liked

  • The cut outs for the different bases are inspired
  • The box is solid and makes moving from table to table a breeze
  • Easy Access to tokens , instead of fighting through a pile is great
  • Sleeved cards fit nicely in the sections
  • Finger cut outs , make access to the items stored in the box really easy!


Things we didn’t Like as Much

  • Whilst the box was easy to construct, having some build instructions in the package would have made it even easier!




We really like this product, the designers have accounted for almost everything required for the Shadespire tournament gamer.

The individual sections are large enough to hold a good number of tokens and the card slots are large enough to even fit sleeved cards in!

We really like the addition of the rings for extra model stability while moving around a busy gaming hall, even the finger slots on the sides of the compartments are a great touch. ( go for the cloth upgrade , nobody likes noisy dice rolling ED!)

The full range of  Red Beam Designs Shadespire accessories can be found here  :


Editors Note : Full Disclosure Red Beam Designs provided this tournament box for review purposes free of charge to


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