Deck Reflections – Garrek’s Reavers with Tom Martin

Deck reflections brings you the insights of some of the very best Warhammer Underworlds players. 

This week , the worlds best Khorne player , returns with an new and improved version of the deck that took him all the way to the final of the Blood and Glory Grand Clash: 

Ladies and Gentlemen : Tom Martin



Blood for the Blood God
It Begins
Khorne Cares Not
Let the Blood Flow
Swift Advance
Ploy Master
Superior Tactician
Plant a Standard

Not too much to explain with the objective choices. It’s predominantly movement and kill based. Both of which the Reaver’s are pretty good at. Karsus, Garrek and Saek are your beat sticks and should be kept alive as long as possible.

Unless of course your objectives require them to be dead…

Don’t be afraid to use Saek as a sacrificial lamb to distract your opponent. Arnulf and Targor can end up being bait to help you get inspired. I find that whether they live or die it’s a win for them.


Grisly Trophy
Whirlwind of Death
Great Strength
Great Fortitude
Terrifying Howl
Soul Trap
Helpful Whispers
Unstoppable Charge

As with most of my decks the upgrades are used to help increase the killing potential of the warband.

Grisly Trophy is probably one of my favourite upgrades in the game and against the less tanky warbands is a Glory scoring gold mine. This does make Garrek priority number 1 on your opponents kill list however…



Blood Rain
Fuelled by Slaughter
Blood Offering
Khorne Calls
Mighty Swing

The Reavers don’t need too much help in the movement department but Distraction and Confusion are always good for setting up attacks as well denying your opponent objectives. Scavenge I like to think of as my 13th objective and I’ve started playing this in all my decks. Fortify, Insensate and Blood Rain help to keep the lads alive and Mighty Swing, Blood Offering, Fuelled by Slaughter and Khorne Calls help guarantee those kills we need for our objectives – especially with a Grisly Trophy Garrek running around!

I’ve found the key to success with the Reavers isn’t to just let Arnulf and Targor evaporate turn 1 – the Reavers don’t necessarily need to get inspired and giving your opponent the run around for a turn can be far more beneficial.

Learning when to let one of the guys die is crucial as it can be very easy to lose a lot of your fighters very quickly if you aren’t careful.

I try to move them around in pairs to benefit from supports. Garrek and Karsus make for a great team but will draw a lot of attention. Their speed gives them a huge advantage over every other warband we currently have.

So there you have it ! We hope that if you use Tom’s deck , it will bring more blood for the blood god and Skulls for the skull throne !

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