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This week Chris has been working on Steelheart’s Champions, and today he’s sharing his amazing “Shadespire Marble” basing technique.


You will need the following paints or their equivalents:

  • Black undercoat
  • Caliban green (Citadel)
  • Kabalite Green (citadel)
  • Livery green (Vallejo model colour – old citadel scorpion green is fine too)
  • Gloss Varnish Base paint colours of your choosing.



1. Undercoat your base in your preferred black spray, Chris used a Matte black car spray but Citadel Chaos Black is good too.

2. Paint Caliban green over the desired marble areas.

3. Get a scrap piece of sponge and use this to apply a small amount of paint to the base. Sponge a little Kabalite green over the top (try to not let it go on in clusters, it wants to be fairly even at this stage), this will provide the highlights to the Caliban green.

4. Mix together a little Kabalite/Livery green (50/50) on a palette, taking a fresh piece of sponge and carefully sponge this over the marble areas; at this stage you can start to work the greens into little clusters but put less paint onto the marble than in step 3.




5. Add a little more Livery green to your mix and repeat step 4, but sponge less paint onto the marble surfaces and increase your clustering so the previous layers show through.

6. Sponge a tiny amount of Livery green in random spots across the surface.


7. Paint the rest of the base in your desired colours (taking care around the marble) and matte varnish.


8. Paint over the marble with gloss varnish to add that highly polished effect.


Chris C’s Top Tips

Keep each layer lighter than the last –

Try to get your layers into a ribbon like pattern across your base, it’ll improve the look of the marble effect dramatically

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