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Reaver All Comers Tournament Deck
Contributor Name
Keith Rowdy

263. Hold Objective 1

264. Hold Objective 2

265. Hold Objective 3

266. Hold Objective 4

267. Hold Objective 5

292. Supremacy

254. Determined Defender

248. Contained

253. Denial

282. Ploymaster

5. It Begins

8. Let the Blood Flow





24. Frenzy

391. Great Strength

389. Great Fortitude

420. Soultrap

25. Grisly Trophy

28. Whirlwind of Death

382. Daemonic Weapon

411. Shadeglass Darts

393. Helpful Whispers

385. Disengage

16. Insensate

355. Shardfall

363. Sprint

357. Shattering Terrain

10. Blood Offering

17. Khorne Calls

332. Illusory Fighter

315. Daylight Robbery

360. Sidestep

318. Distraction


This is an all round deck design to be competitive against all warbands. If you lose the role and get 3 objectives it can play defensively and score 7 glory easily enough by standing on 3 objectives (3 from Hold Objectives, 3 from Supremacy, 1 from Determined Defender). Deployment should be such that its as close to impossible as you can make it for any of your guys to get charged turn 1. Further placement of the Reavers should be such that they can charge and threaten the opponent without themselves being charged (works fairly well against all warbands other than a Reaver Mirror Match.) Activations can be used to mill through your objectives if needs be, otherwise your usually jockying for position or going for a few late turn charges. The goal is to score 2-4 glory T1 and not lose any fighters then gear up for T2.

T2 Karsus, Arnulf and TargorĀ  will still likely just hold the objectives with Garrek and Saek doing most of the harass. I will typically score more glory from objectives and a couple from kills. I will usually inspire late T2/early T3

T3 depending on what objectives have been scored I may keep holding the objectives or I may play more aggressively to try and score denial and/or conquest while picking up some glory for kills. Last activation or two will see my fighters run into enemy territory to prevent denial/conquest.


If I only get two objectives and place the boards I will typically make them go short edge to short edge with three touching hexes. Deploy so I cant be charged as normal and T1 sees Arnulf and Targor jump on my objectives. Karsus will likely be the fight instigator as he can attack from range and may force an opponent to charge which can then be counter charged by Saek and Garrek or I will mill my objective deck. The end goal here is to hold opponents in their territory and score denial and conquest. With a well timed distraction/sprint or disengage an early game supremacy is also possible. Again the goal in T1 is to get 2-4 glory without losing a fighter, very possible with how mobile the Reavers are and how you set up the board.

T2 force fights to happen close to the territory border, use Shardfall to limit the space further and funnel opponents into one area. Karsus is fantastic here as he can be protected by Garrek while still attacking from range. Shadeglass darts are also great for this. Sometimes its worth throwing a distractionary fighter deep into enemy territory so that he will be charged. If This happens you can potentially take an enemy fighter so far out of position they are essentially removed from T3. Mess with anything thats holding an objective they havnt already scored.

T3 contain opponent in their territory. Bait charges backwards into their own territory, use drive backs, move your models so that they are in the way and your opponent cannot move his fighters into your territory. Defensive upgrades like Great Fortitude and Soultrap are great for this strategy.


Used this deck and this plan in a tournament in Dec 2017, won all my games and took out the tournament, hope you enjoy!