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Deck Name
Stormcast Aggresive Deck
Contributor Name
Wiktor Makowski
  1. Twilight Conqueror
  2. Denial
  3. Conquest
  4. Seize Ground
  5. Slayer of Tyrants
  6. Lightning Strikes
  7. Consecrated Area
  8. Plant a Standard
  9. Awe-Inspiring
  10. Victorious Duel
  11. Crushing Force
  12. Reaper


  1. Cruel Taunt
  2. Sidestep
  3. Peal of Thunder
  4. Tireless Assault
  5. Heroic Guard
  6. Righteous Zeal
  7. Distraction
  8. Sigmarite Wall
  9. Unstoppable Strike
  10. Healing Potion


  1. Great Strength
  2. Shadeglass Sword
  3. Army of One
  4. Great Speed
  5. Blessed by Sigmar
  6. Heroic Stride
  7. Heroic Might
  8. Helpful Whispers
  9. Righteous Strike
  10. Block

Stealhearts deck based on an idea of striking hard into your opponents territory.

Objectives are more focused on killing and keeping your opponent in his territory Only two are scored at the end of the third phase, with a total of five objectives that can be scored immediately, to provide some early points for upgrades. Just two objectives that deal with holding to make positioning around opponents fighters a priority.

Ploys begin with a package of Sidestep, Peal, and Distraction to cover for your fighters low mobility. Tireless assault, Zeal, and Unstoppable Strike help with killing, while Heroic Guard and Sigmarite Wall provide some extra actions. Healing Potion is never a bad card, as it helps to keep your fighters up and killing. Cruel Taunt, while all or nothing card is a great silver bullet that can really wreck your opponent, especially against groups that spend time, actions and/or cards to inspire themselves like orruks and their ever-present Shattering Terrain and skellies bringing back guys to inspire warden. Possible Changes: Sigmarite Wall is one that takes move/charges that can result in suboptimal positioning to have it work, so can be easily exchanged for something else. Forceful Denial can change the results of whole games and is a great control card. Time trap can help immensely, to double activate one of stromcast and work around the problem of having three guys and four activations.

Upgrades are what you expect, Great Strength and Speed to increase stats, heroic stride to make Severin really mobile and Helpful Whispers to make a 4+ into a 3+ success. Blessed by Sigmar increases stats and Righteous strike and Heroic Might increase killing power. Army of one can turn the last living Stromcast into an engine of destruction, rolling a lot of dice both on attack and defense and grab victory from the jaws of defeat. Shadeglass Sword is a very accurate attack, that can come with a punch, so it’s a reliable one, it works only once, but most of the times it really needs to work once, think of it as a scalpel tool, that you bring when you really would like to take something out. Block is something of standing out an upgrade, but I had some very good results with it. It could easily be dropped however for a Soul Trap or Blessed Armour to increase defense, or for a Fatal Riposte if Severin Voltron is your thing.