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‘Avin a great time
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Chris Coles

291 – Superior Tactician – when the objective deck has plenty of easy to score objectives, this one provides a good source of bonus glory

92 – Dere’s More of Us – aggressive deck, aggressive objective, if your not beating your opponent below your current warband strength then your not playing this deck right!

89 – Biggest An’ Da Best – if Gurzag isn’t killing stuff, then again this deck isn’t being played right!

239 – Blooded – when orruks inspire with a wound, this objective is a no brainer

248 – Contained – keep an enemy alive at the end, but make sure they are keep within their own territory

253 – Denial – like contained, play aggressive, kill the enemy warband until their are none in your territory

96 – Too Dumb to Die – unwounded, any of the orruks can survive a 3 damage hit for a quick glory grab

95 – Punch-up – if your lads aren’t charging and punching the enemy team then you need to do so!

241 – Brawl – for those occasions when your orruks havent killed everything near them

90 – Call of the Waaagh! – make sure 3 of your lads charge (shouldn’t be difficult!)

305 – Victorius Duel – tiny bit more situational, but attempt the alpha strike with Gurzag (risk it for a biscuit!)

236 – Annihilation – the big scorer, make sure you’ve killed the enemy warband for big glory bonus



100 –  Gorkamorka’s blessing – Damage buffing, perfect one shot card to get rid of that annoying enemy character

332 – Illusory Fighter – push for that risky charge then return your fighter back into your ranks, what’s not to like? Another application is to return a lad from the far side of the board to assist with an attack.

339 – Mighty Swing – Put on Gurzag and watch him obliterate the enemy warband

330 – Healing Potion – the must have item to keep a fighter in the scrap!

97 – ‘Avin a Good Time – good for backing up a fluffed attack or making sure you get that extra punch in to kill the enemy leader

98 – Brutal But Kunnin’ – good for aggressive moves or defensive plays after the alpha strike

101 – Kunnin But Brutal – keeping the punches flowing with this card

360 – Sidestep – another good push card for moving fighters to assist or out of danger

102 – Last Lunge – for when the lads fall, that chance of a final attack (take them down with you!)

353 – Scavenge – bonus glory, let your opponent buff that fighter, he will be dead soon!


107 – ‘Ard Head – great defensive card, keep your expendable lads alive!

109 – Brutal Frenzy – makes Hakka and Basha quite good with a small handful of attack dice. This combos particularly well with Daemonic Weapon and Shadeglass Sword, your attack dice become triggered on hammers instead of swords.

382 – Daemonic Weapon – fantastic on Hakka or Basha, suffer 1 damage and become inspired! Also gives you a damage 3 weapon for their trouble.

114 – Headlong Rush – Knockback combos on Basha which enables you to win those drawn fights or push an activated fighter out the way.

115 – Unkillable – Keep Gurzag fighting for longer!

391 – Great Strength – Permanent damage buff, what’s not to like?

431 – Total Offence – Great combo’s to be had with any bonus attack cards (I particularly like this on Gurzag then mighty swing in the centre of a few fighters!)

110 – Brutal Swing – multiple fighter attack, while only 2 damage, it will soften up the other fighters enough for Basha and Hakka to finish the job

414 – Shadeglass Sword – alpha strike weapon, throw onto on the non-Gurzag orruks and throw them at the opponents leader.

116 – Waaagh! – bonus damage when charging and what self respecting orruk deck wouldn’t have this in!!!!



The keyword for this deck is pure aggression, your warband should be pummelling your opponent at every opportunity.


Combine upgrades with the ploy cards when possible but spread the upgrades across your band, if your opponent manages to kill one of your fighters it wont be as big a loss to your damage output.

Gurzag is one the best fighters in the game, with damage 3 he is more than capable of killing most other fighters in a single swing. With that in mind I tend to keep cards like Mighty Swing for Gurzag himself, keeping him on the periphery of the fight until a multi-opponent gap opens itself nicely. Combine this with Total Offence and Kunnin’ but Bruta, this enables you to use a move with Gurzag, then make a damage 3, 4 dice hammer attack action against every enemy stood next to him! Gaining you easy glory for the kills and bonus for objectives (Biggest ‘an da Best & Deres’ More of Us).

Bonekutta will combo well with Brutal Swing then use Hakka and Basha to finish the job, or throw in Gorkamorka’s blessing for bonus damage, hitting multiple enemy fighters for damage 3 (in a shadow of Gurzag’s combo earlier).

Hakka and Basha benefit from the weapon upgrades Daemonic Weapon and Shadeglass sword as when uninspired they only cause 1 damage, however they benefit greatly from the Waaagh!, Brutal Frenzy and Headlong Rush cards. Brutal Frenzy and Waaagh! combos well with the weapon upgrades, use them to charge for a bonus attack dice with the higher damage weapons. Headlong rush ensure Knockback 1 on Basha, meaning on a critical hit you can push you opponent 3 hexes! Either position Basha behind you opponent and push them back into your lines or push that annoying activated character right out of the fight!

The whole deck was built with card synergy in mind, bonus attacks combining with higher damages or extra attack dice which in turn should combine with easily scored objectives. Push for momentum early on and maintain it throughout the game, by mainting this your will be able to keep the upgrades flowing onto your characters making them increasingly deadly to be around .