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Sepulchral Guard - Shardcaller
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Jon VanDerMeer

59 Battle without end – Again pretty much a free glory. Face, it you will lose a few guys.
62 March of the dead – Another free glory. Just make sure you have 5 guys alive to use this.

259 Flawless Strategy – If you build your objective deck correctly there is no reason why this should be an auto include.
290 Stymied – Pretty reliable 1 glory card.

282 Ploymaster – With 10 Ploy’s you can pretty much guarantee this will be scored.

253 Denial – Because this is a balanced deck for objectives as well as aggressive you really want them to come to you, you reincarnate, they don’t.

248 Contained – Again with this deck it plays pretty much all phases of the game. In 3 Phases you really shouldn’t have any issues pushing them out of your starting area.

291 Superior tactician – Score 6 or more objectives. Easy.

254 Determined Defender – yes you tie up one of your guys for 2 phases. No big deal it works with this deck.

292 Supremacy – Again this shouldn’t be much of a problem, but understand you will have to push into their territory to claim one of their objectives.

264 Hold Objective 2 – Will explain more

266 Hold Objective 4 – Will explain more


73 Restless Dead – Good to bring your guys and to trigger Battle without end

76 Terrifying Screams – Love these cards. Push them off an objective. Push them toward you so you can charge. The possibility is endless.

360 Sidestep – See above

345 On your feet – Chances are you will have guys next to each all the time. Why, yes you can bring them back next turn by why not deny them a glory and lose your support? Nothing more frustrating to your opponent who just charged and hitting with 2 crits only to have it all ignored. Also, a great way to protect your warden. Most smart players will make a bee line to him. This is one way to protect him.

77 The Necromancer Commands – Free attacks, how is that not good?

69 Ceaseless Attacks – See above

315 Daylight Robbery – Basically a 2-glory swing in your favor. I know people don’t like the 50% chances, but hey when it goes off its pretty backbreaking and if it doesn’t I just draw an extra card next phase.

320 Duel of Wits – What’s better then free attacks? Free cards.

460 Sidestep – I have learned in playing my other decks a key push to or fro can be devastating. I have also learned as the game matures you will see cards that that push your opponent’s fighter around (See Terrifying Screams) Smart players will keep those cards in their hand until the end of the 3rd phase on

75 Swift Evasion – See above



81 Fatal Strike – Free attacks and it keeps coming back for more?

85 Lethal Lunge – 2 Range 2 Hammer 3 dmg with cleave. Amazing card. Makes their charge rang now a 4 instead of a 2.
391 Great Strength – Pretty much auto include in all decks. Can potentially 1 shot orcs.

382 Daemonic weapon – Skeletons by far have the worst damage output. This card basically events that out and makes them deadly

379 Coordinated Attack – Chances are you are going to have multiple characters in support range. Having extra dice is good.
83 Frightening speed – Mobility is key, not so much for objectives but more so to move around for support and charges.

411 Shadeglass Darts – Again amazing. While its only 1 dmg or 2 on a critical the ability to give your guys an effective charge range of 5 is fantastic.

416 Shardcaller – More on this

426 The Dazzeling Key – more on this

430 The Shadow Key – More on this


Shardcaller engine.

99% of the time we will only get to place 2 objectives in our area. Placing your objectives as far as you can, 2 away from each other and near a spawn point is key. Make sure you set the board in your favor. It’s great to use boards that have walls to help. Hopefully out of the two objectives on your side you will get objective 2 and 4. What you are going to want to do is to move to of your guys onto these objectives and just sit them they. Petitioners are best for this job. Activation 1, activate warden, move 2 on to objectives. At this point, this is going to cause your opponent to think you are playing an objective based deck and they are going to want to come removes you from that objective. The issue is, if you come at me in my territory I will wipe out your entire warband. I will have a ton of support and just based on attrition I will win. Sure, you can have 6 glory from killing me. Enjoy it you won’t win. As the game progresses you will want to get shardcaller on which ever fighter does not have objective 2 or 4. Swap it out, so you have both 2 and 4 in your area. Usually by that time I have gained 3 glory (1 for Hold objective 2, 4 and Determined Defender) But phase 3 they won’t have many fighters left. Then as you continue to build glory you drop both The Dazzling Key and the Shadow Key which nets you 4 Glory. So, if all things go well for you, you should receive a minimum of 6 glory up to a maximum of 7 just from this alone.


Skeleton Aggression

This deck is based on a very aggressive type of style. You want your harvester, champion and prince up front. Your petitioners in back near, 2 of them on objectives and one next to your warden. Why do you want your main 3 in front? I want you to kill them, so they become inspired and literally pop right back up in the same place you killed them. Upon being inspired they all gain +1 attack and +1 Movement in additional to their special abilities, notably hit everyone with Harvester.

Final thoughts, I have done very well with this deck. There about 10 things going on at one time and it very difficult to navigate at times. You need to plan about 2 activations ahead. Don’t be afraid to lose your guys. That’s what they are there for. Make them better and start hacking away reducing their numbers. Yes, you will give them glory, Yes, they will get big and scary, but not matter how big and scare they are they can (Generally) attack you one. Learn this, change it up based on your play style but otherwise have fun. I feel this is about 90% done like my stormcast but can always use feedback.