Deck Details

Deck Info

Deck Name
'Arnulf the Shardcaller'
Contributor Name
Dean Goldsmith

It Begins (005)

Khorne Cares Not (006)

Conquest (247)

Determined Defender (254)

Hold Objective 1 (263)

Hold Objective 2 (264)

Hold Objective 3 (265)

Hold Objective 4 (266)

Plant a Standard (281)

Supremacy ( 292)

Tactical Supremacy 1-2(296)

Tactical Supremacy 3-4 (297)


Boon of Khorne (012)

Insensate (016)

Skulls for the Skull Throne (019)

Bloodslick (021)

Ever-Advancing (023)

Frenzy (024)

Whirlwind of Death (028)

Confusion (311)

Daylight Robbery (315)

Duel of Wits (320)

Forceful Denial (324)

Illusory Fighter (332)

Sidestep (360)

Sprint (363)

Disengage (385)

Great Fortitude (389)

Great Strength (391)

Shardcaller (416)

The Dazzling Key (426)

The Shadowed Key (430)



Deck is built with one purpose in mind… Scoring objectives and scoring as much Glory for those objectives as possible and as soon as possible. Upgrades are principally there to make Garrek, Bloodied Saek and Karsus hit as hard as possible as they will be doing most of the fighting. The defensive upgrades are for Garrek to make him last as long as possible. Targor will be my ‘throwaway’ guy and Arnulf will be used to hold objectives in the backfield (as well as using Shardcaller to grab those too far away, hence the name of the deck!). The two Keys (Dazzling and Shadowed), if in hand, will be kept until the last activation to stop the recipients becoming targets. ‘Skulls for the Skull Throne’ and ‘Duel of Wits’ allow for a lot of deck cycling to make sure I have the right cards for the job at the right time. ‘Sprint’ is in the deck to allow Garrek to score ‘Plant a Standard’ from just about anywhere on the board… And ‘Illusory Fighter’ means he can get back to the relative safety of his comrades once the objective has been scored!