Unboxing the Expansions

Magore’s Fiends and Farstriders are finally here!

Having an initial look at the sprues, Farstriders are very nice. The sculpted bases compliment the Vanguards “in the wilderness” vibe very nicely. My only disappointment is they they do not really stand out in comparison to standard AoS hunters but they are still nice models regardless.

I will review some of the power and objective cards over the weekend. But looking at the character cards the Farstriders are just as tough as their regular Stormcast counter parts!

Inspired by finishing an action phase in enemy territory. If your wanting this warband inspired then aggressive actions in the early game will be required.

They all gain an extra defence dice when they inspire.

Farstrider himself gain his falcon attack, if you haven’t upgraded his pistol it makes it pretty redundant as an extra hex of range and a bonus damage on a crit is pretty good.

Eagle eye also gains an extra damage on his Hand Axe, so he is no slouch in combat when inspired.

While Swiftblade gains cleave on his sword attacks once inspired, put Great Strength on him for a decent 3 damage cleave attack!

Magore’s Fiends are next up.

Lots of skulls hidden on those sculpted bases! Nice to see another plastic flesh hound available (hopefully GW will release them in plastic before long!) while (again) there is nothing special about the Blood Warriors they tie in with the AoS unit nicely, offering some alternative sculpts. Magore himself is a very nice alternative to the usual Blood Warrior, carrying his handful of trophies.

As a whole, they are fairly slow movement to start the game, with the exception of Riptooth.

Ghartok and Zharkus have reaction attacks with their Gorefists, Great Strength will be good on these 2 characters to increase that damage to be able to kill weaker fighters who fail to attack you!

Magore has a good attack to begin with, increasing to 3 damage once inspired and with cleave throughout! A few upgrades will make him utterly lethal to most fighters in the game.

Riptooth has a cleave on crits ability which is great on the high number of attack dice he rolls, as at that point your not looking for the swords but for crits.

Inspiration mechanic for this warband is a successful attack….. with hammers for 3/4 fighters, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Once inspired; all the fighters have an extra movement. Ghartok and Zharkus both gain extra attack dice on all of their attacks.

Riptooth gains an extra defence dice, which is a great bonus when you rely on dodge for defence. He also gets an extra damage, pushing it on to 3 damage which combined with his cleave ability makes him a very agile and lethal addition to the warband.

As anybody could have guessed this warband plays for pure aggression, no subtleties or clever plays, just charge your opponent and crush them!

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