Shadeglass Warband of the week!

This week we look at an unusual take on Khorne Bloodbound by Alfred Granberg:

Chris – “Tell is about your warband Alfred”

Alfred – “I wanted a feeling of gladiator and cirkus in my warband so I used my bretonnia and empire helmets. I tryed to make the skin tones cold to make them more evil and I just liked to paint stripes on the trousers. I strive to use colors that looks sunbleached on the minis.”

Chris – Thanks for the photos and descriptions Alfred!

I particularly like the striped trousers and the gritty effects added to the metallics making this warband seem as if they have been in the city for a long time!

The colder skin tones you’ve mentioned give them a deprived look as well, as if their life force is being drained from them.

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