Corrupted Paintbrush – Spiteclaws Swarm

Sneak-sneak Quick-quick!

Hot on the heels of the conversion corner the Spiteclaws Assassins have been on my painting table this week!

For this article I will cover the way I have painted certain aspects of the miniatures:


Mechanicus Standard Grey

Nuln oil


Praxeti white

The majority of the work is a really simple technique, just time consuming while waiting to dry!

Black Cloth:

Simply paint the cloth in Mechanicus Grey, then wash with Nuln Oil. Repeat the wash layers 3/4 times until you have a nice depth of black while the grey has a nice smooth transition to a highlight. If the washes have darkened the cloth too much then a very light drybrush of grey over the cloth areas will bring the highlights back.


It is worth noting the darkened metals on the miniatures are done with the same technique. However replace the grey with leadbelcher then an edge highlight over a drybrush.


Biel-tan Green

Paint the stones with Mechanicus Grey then apply a single wash layer of Nuln Oil. Then reapply the the Mechanicus Grey, being careful to leave the gaps between the stones shaded. Once dry apply a light drybrush of Praxeti White, concentrating on sharp corners on the stonework. Finally apply some of the Green wash in random spots across the stone, wipe the wash away while it is still wet to create a algae covered stone effect.


Cadian Fleshtone

Agrax Earthshade

Kislev Flesh

Again, a simple basecoat-wash-highlight technique.

Paint Cadian Flesh across the areas of skin, allow to dry and wash with Agrax. Reapply Cadian Flesh and finally a light drybrush of Kislev Flesh.

Now that has covered the majority of the painting, the few smaller details such as the wood and brown cloths are personal to every person and provide a little variety!

Now to paint some Fyreslayers…

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