The Warhammer World Grand Clash : Top Ploys!

Following on from our article yesterday – we delve a little deeper into the most used ploys at the weekend, in order to get into our list, the card had to be used in at least 3 of the top decks..


Here we go 


In Seventh place… 





Taking the spoils of sixth place 




In Fifth, this card is always 



In Fourth – 4 out of 6 warbands don’t leave home without it 



In Third place, this card has broken new ground in the top three 




In Second Place this card will put your power ahead of your opponents 




And moving forwards into first place is the Warhammer World Grand Clash Top Ploy!




There you have it, Sidestep appeared in 5 of the 6 top decks – do you agree with these cards ?? do you use them? what would you take ?? we would love to know! 

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