Top 5 Must have Cards – The Warhammer World Grand Clash Decks Top Cards!

We take a look at the top cards you should be including in your deck!





Now the dust has settled on the Warhammer World Grand Clash we take a deeper look at the deck construction and looked at which cards turned up the most across the highest placed decks for each Faction. 

So without our further, ado here are the top five cards you need in your deck according to best players are Warhammer World!


In Fifth place – who said objective based decks were dead?


In fourth place- extra wounds always help right?


In third place taking the bronze medal for most used card and the first medal for gaining ground .. 



In Second place – if they put one of your,s in the hospital – but one of their,s in the morgue 




And in First place and the winner and therefore THE auto-include in every deck, the big hitter 




So Great Strength takes the crown – do you agree – do you have any of these cards in your deck ? should you? we would love to know



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