Covnversion Corner! – Spiteclaw’s Swarm

Hot on the heals of their recent victory at the Warhammer World Grand Clash – Chris takes us through his conversion of Spiteclaw’s Swarm!!


With the recent release of the Skaven I started look how I could  to apply them to the various Skaven Clans and looked at ways to convert them to match the aesthetic of each one.

 I considered Skyre (tech warlock types), Moulder (flesh changers) and Pestilens (plague worshippers). But it was Clan Eshin (assassins) that sparked my imagination, as I imagined them being ninjas with their dodge defence dice!

*cue montage of martial arts films for inspiration * (you’re the best -ED!)


Starting with Spiteclaw himself, the dynamics of the model are great, the only issue is slightly too much “metallic” armour. Clipping his “loin plates” away I replaced this with a small amount of flowing cloth alongside the chest piece.

Next up came the head, I clipped down the protruding armour plates and stretched a thin piece of greenstuff into a “bandage” to wrap around his head.

Finally a halberd? For a ninja type? Clipping the blade off, I adjusted the blades to make a hybrid halberd-axe-staff type of weapon, that I felt was suitably exotic for a master assassin.

Next up Skritch’s bodyguard: Krrk.

While the halberd was nice enough I imagined him wielding a staff to deflect blows against his master.

With him having a shield defence, I figured he could be slightly more armoured than his brethren, but to maintain the Eshin theme I sculpted a cloak across his back. Making it suitably ragged and torn for a bodyguard figure.

Next up the Hungering Skaven, I really wasn’t a fan of the shield. It seemed out of place when placed with the other members of the warband. Clipping this away I replaced it with an arm from a Bloodbowl line rat.

While I would have liked to have him dual wielding nunchucks one was enough when the flails spikes were cut away!

Finally a cloak was sculpted across his back to maintain the gutter runner theme.

Finally the Festering and Lurking Skaven were dynamic enough and suitably equipped for Clan Eshin! They just needed cloaks to complete the theme within the warband.

Now just to get them painted and I have plenty of ideas how to do it….. check back for the painting guide .

One thought on “Covnversion Corner! – Spiteclaw’s Swarm

  • March 5, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    Nice work! I can’t wait to see them painted up.


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