Combo of the week – with The Undermarket

This week we bring you a card combination that Was super effective in Chris’ practice games for the Grand Clash.

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While the cards for this combo were separate competent’s of my orruk deck, I discovered they bound together very well during a game last week!

Having upgraded Total Offence on to a fighter in a previous turn, I drew Kunnin’ but Brutal, Gorkamorkas Blessing and Shadeglass Sword during a draw phase.

I quickly decided the Shadeglass Sword was a good companion to Total Offence.

Kunnin’ but Brutal allows you to love the fighter adjacent to your target and still throw an attack action, while triggering Total Offence with Shadeglass Sword.


This combo grants you a full move with a 5 dice attack (on hammers!) with crits boosting your damage for a not-too-shabby 2-3 damage. Chance are with 5 dice you’ll manage to roll a crit or two. Meanwhile (if you have it) Gorkamorkas Blessing increases the damage further to 3-4, this means you’ll comfortably be able to kill most fighters in a single swing!

Very offensive indeed!

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