Preparing to Clash

This week we have confirmed that we are sending Chris to the Grand Clash in Warhammer World!

So we thought we would take a moment to ask him how he is preparing for the trip!


The event is only a week away! Which warband are you thinking about taking and why?

With the release of the Fyreslayers and Skaven, I have been very tempted to take either of those warbands, I have tried making a Fyreslayer deck for my last practice session. I found that it was too static and defensive, I already have an aggression deck so wanted to try something different and may yet build and test a Skaven deck before the event. It is likely I will take my “old faithful” orruk aggression deck though as I am more comfortable and familiar with its card composition and combinations.

Is there anything else that may limit your warband choice?

Yes there is! While I understand the rules for miniatures are “you must be able to identify your own warband”. I wouldn’t dream of taking an unpainted warband (I wouldn’t mind anyone else doing so) as I take pride in having painted armies for my other gaming systems, so why not have pride in my warband?

Which warbands do you think will be most popular?

I have a feeling, unlike the Undead/Orruk release we will see a fairly even mix. Maybe seeing slightly more Skaven decks as I can see some seriously good card combos possible from the Skaven only cards.

What do you hope to learn from the event?

It will be my first Grand Clash event and I’m really looking forward to seeing some different deck compositions and meeting new people. Within your own gaming group certain metas become prevalent, whether it’s defensive, aggressive, objective holding or any other glory mechanics. It will be nice to see a warband played differently to how I have seen them played within my gaming group.

Last question! While it ultimately lies with the dice and draw of the cards, is there a final position you would like to see yourself in?

While I’m happy just attending, top half of the table would have me over the moon!

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