Feeling Flat – With Andy T!

Shadespire is a great game, but sometimes you have to put your own personal touch on it. Resident scenery guru Andy T, has been making some 3D hexes for the “blocked” tiles” to enhance his gaming experience!


You will need:

The Build

Out of the box, Shadespire requires 1x 1 hex, 1x 2 hex, and 1x 3 hex “blocked” tiles so the first thing to do is draw around the Shadespire objective tokens on to the cork tile and cut them out with your craft knife (always ask an adult for supervision kids!)

The next stage is to assemble your cork pillars- simply glue down the first cork in the tile, then stack 2 or 3 more on top using PVA glue between layers. Once that’s dry, you can glue down any spare bits of scenery you might have, Andy has used parts from the Citadel Sigmarite Mausoleum, Lord of The Rings walls and some old plastic skeletons to decorate his.

Finally, glue all around the base and liberally apply sand or budgie grit around the base- it helps to form drifts where scenery meets tile to make your Shadespire look really ancient and worn.








Painting Shadespire

Start with a good solid basecoat by spraying grey (Boyes auto primer in this case). Once dry, paint any bone or areas of light stone with Rakarth Flesh.

Then paint the sand or dirt with Baneblade Brown and once dry, drybrush everything with Ceramite White (several light drybrushes are recommended rather than a single heavy one)

Finally wash everything with Agrax Earthshade and then glaze small areas with very watered dow Gretchin Green or Athonian Camoshade to represent moss. Try and keep this in areas where two sections of terrain meet such as corners or in cracks for a realistic effect.

And that’s it! You can now varnish your terrain with a matt spray and get battling across the ruins of Shadespire!


Mr T’s Top Tips

  • Have a model to hand to check scale and scenery positioning.
  • Radiators help speed up drying glue/paint/ washes.



One thought on “Feeling Flat – With Andy T!

  • January 16, 2018 at 9:19 pm

    Funnily enough I was at a Shadespire Tournament at ‘HATE’ at the weekend and a lot of us rocked up with blocked tiles terrain. In the heat of battle it definately helps.


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