Reflections on: Warhammer Underworlds with Isaac

We continue our glimpse into the future. Today Isaac gives us his thoughts on what needs would like to see 2018 bring 



Warhammer Underworlds is a fantastic game that provides a variety of ways to play and build up your warband into a force to be reckoned with.

The game is fast and fluid and has just about everything a gamer needs to get going and have fun, but as with all things we always find ourselves wanting more.

Here are a few things I personally would hope to see in future renditions of Warhammer Underworlds.

The Warbands

Shadespire is already a mixed bag of goodies with some wonderfully varied warbands with a good mix of style and flavour.

While this is all well and good, a little bit more variety never hurt anyone! Shadespire really capitalises on having a big bad boss or heroic leader surrounded by their underlings which is an excellent theme to follow, but I feel that with a few little additions we might be able to capture not only the spirit of Age of Sigmar, but hearken back to the days of old with the likes of Mordheim and Warhammer Quest.

A Witch Hunter’s Entourage

There’s something incredibly appealing about the idea of a Witch Hunter travelling around with a band of loyal fanatics, seeking out the servants of Chaos wherever they may hide. Given the nature of Shadespire, this could well be a hunt that could last for an eternity, a game of cat and mouse that is destined to carry on until the Mortal Realms are nothing but dust.

I have a vision of a four-model warband consisting of our intrepid Witch Hunter, perhaps a priest of Sigmar (extra points if it’s a Sister of Sigmar!) and two henchmen there to carry the Witch Hunter’s luggage. The leader stands at the back to shoot down the board for some serious damage, while the Warrior Priest is there to keep your two goons standing. Throw in some pitch forks and burning torches and you have a recipe for mayhem!

The Adventuring Party

The best thing about Hero Quest is that the character archtypes fit perfectly into a game like Shadespire.

Think back to the final boss rooms in Warhammer Quest, of how your band of adventuring heroes faced down the likes of the mighty Orc Warlord Gorgut or van Damneg, the Dread King. Shadespire provides an opportunity for adventuring heroes  to face down even more powerful goes in the form of Garrek and his reavers or Ironskull and his band of boyz, with a hugely varied warband where every character has its place.

The Barbarian leads the warband into battle, bellowing roars of challenge and striking with the fury of his primal gods behind him. At his side is the Dwarf, a durable and defensive fighter able to stand in the way of even the toughest of foes. No adventuring band would be complete without the Wizard, a fragile but powerful fighter who hurls spells from the back of the board, or empowers his allies in battle.

The Boards

One thing I feel that Shadespire is missing is the board setup. While the boards that we have provide a great amount of replayability and tactical jigging, but I’d love to see some more crazy boards out there; boards in the vagueness of an L or T shape, or even more hexagonal in nature.

In a way this could mimic the randomness that was walking into the next room in Warhammer Quest from many years back, but whether or not it would work from a gaming perspective is an interesting thing to muse over. Depending on the obstacles, these could add another layer of tactical flexibility to the game.

The Cards

While Shadespire has a wonderful selection of cards already, one thing that has caught my eye especially is the Katophrane “set cards.”

I’d like to see more of these that provide different bonuses on the more you have. Maybe they’re less about winning the game but instead working towards another objective, or just making your characters even beefier.

I’d also like to see quests that, instead of giving you glory, give you a piece of loot to give to one of your party.

These could offer an interesting twist to the quest mechanic and open up new ways to build your decks – maybe you’ll get surplus glory for completing a number of “loot quests” after the game? It’s all very exciting.

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