Reflections on : Warhammer Underworlds

As we close in on the end of the year , we asked our contributors what they are looking for in the new year ..


To kick this off Matt tells us what he’s looking for in 2018


I know it’s asking alot, but I’d see more warbands announced in 2018.

My personal ideas are as follows

Overlords – a few adventuring Argonauts. Go pirates! Maybe all have a once per game pistol shot

Dispossessed – dwarf minors and a prospecter would be great here. Even Iron breakers. Low damage but really high defence.

Flesh eaters courts – Ghouls with a crypt court leader. As they are “not dead” give them some character

Free people – questing Bretonnians knights (but that’s not going to happen) maybe Grail Pilgrim. The other is a captain and a small squad of free company.

Sylvaneth. Dyrads and a branchwraith

corsairs, the elves of the sea, surely they be looking for some shadeglass

Swifthawk agents. Reuse some swordmasters

Lion rangers!

Witch elves -a  few daughters of Kaine searching the ruins for sacrifice.

Moonclan grots – a few grots and some squigs maybe a Squig hopper. Roll a one on a charge your opponent chooses where it goes.

Bonesplitters – could be similar to gurzhag. Maybe include a big stabba low armour heavy hitting slightly faster.

Night haunt – surely Shadespire is inhabited by ghosts?

I’m not even going to touch on Chaos at the moment but there so much room for Variety!

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