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Hey guys its Shadeglass Joe here with my first Shadespire review of the new Art of War Studios Shadespire token set. I will give you my opinions, feelings and honest view on these new additions to Shadespire, are they an unneeded extra or a must have for your perilous quest through Warhammer: Underworlds? Let’s find out.


So first of all, Included in this set you get:

4 Activation tokens in light blue

12 Glory tokens in fluorescent yellow

15 Wound tokens in dark red

8 Guard tokens in dark grey

8 Moved tokens in light grey

8 Charged tokens in light greY


Bonus I hear you ask! The Art of War Studios people also included a set of backing tokens to be glued on to the back of

the Glory and Activation tokens, these dark grey tokens will make the tokens stand out when flipped over, making it far harder for an opponent and even yourself get confused on which glory has been spent and how many activations you have left in the turn.

These token backs will be available separately to the main token set.


What we liked 

My initial reaction to these tokens was really positive, they can all packed together in a single small bag but what really blew me away was the quality of the tokens.

They are a really nice quality clear acrylic and the guys at Art of War Studios have done a tremendous job at making these tokens different from the standard tokens but feel similar in design, the splinted skull motif is really striking and makes the tokens pop and stand out on the table.

Another really good feature to these tokens is they come with stencil backing left on to the tokens, this means that if wish to you can paint over this paper with a striking colour of your choice and further add to these tokens..



What we didn’t Like as Much


The skull designs mainly on the wound tokens can sometimes not be quite as detailed as the others,

Small gaps can be found in the engraving on the edges of the “Blood drop” part of the token.




Every opponent that I have played with these tokens has. loved the look of them, they stand out, especially when painted and are so clear and crisp to see on the game board.

my opponent and myself can always tell which token is which and which action it is supposed to represent, which always makes things easier for any gamer and just makes things fair, especially if you’re in the habit of not seeing an opponent’s token and making a fatal mistake in a game (It’s not the tokens that make you do that ED!).


With the stencil layer still being on the tokens its clear that Art of War Studios wants to make it very easy for you to paint or even as they advise on their website using a white crayon and etching over the tokens will make them stand out, but having that stencil already there makes life that much easier.

The base set of tokens will be available for £10.99 which for a set of 65 tokens is an excellent price especially with the quality of the tokens and the fact you get everything you need for a single player.

The additional token backing set will be available for a small extra price and this extra set is purely optional, they look good but they do double the thickness of the tokens so can make storing those tokens in boxes or compartments difficult.

In conclusion, we can recommend these tokens They look great and are very detailed although some of the tokens could do with the designs getting a stronger engraving to make sure they all stand out.

All the unique shattered skull designs look great and are not a copy of the Shadespire tokens, that design is unique to Art of War Studios which is great.

The clear acrylic is really good and it helps them blend in a little and feel like part of the game board but the designs are bold enough to stand out and be seen. 

Art of War Studios Shadespire Collection can be found here :

Editors note : Full Disclosure Art of War Studios provided Shadeglass with a copy of these tokens free of charge for review purposes. 

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