Warband of the Week- Deus Rex Sigmar by Adam Walsh

Welcome back to Warband of the week where we search the internet for the very best converted and painted Warbands out there.

Warband of the week has moved from it’s usual Tuesday slot, to fill the gap left by Warscroll Wednesday.


This week we have another Stormcast Eternal Warband – this time by Adam Walsh


Deus Rex Sigmar


Deus Rex Sigmar!

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We caught up with Adam and asked him about his warband

he had this to say:


I had some spare Bretonnian helms and thought they’d make an interesting alternative to the normal Stormcast helms. Once I’d swapped the helms over, painting them as Knights Templar seemed like the perfect scheme.

It also gave me the opportunity to do some free hand iconography with the added challenge of making the cross follow the flow of Severin’s robes.


We think that you will all agree that this Warband is simply stunning if not quite tournament legal! – but we can give it pass for the amazing paint job and conversion. 


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