New Shadespire Audio Drama : Doombound

Denizens of Shadespire, 

As part of Black Library’s annual advent calendar subscription, a new audio drama: Doombound has been released. This marks the first piece of fiction set in Shadespire!

In the cursed city of Shadespire, two Stormcast Eternals Liberators, Darras Sunblade and Erak Grimwatch, seek a way to rejoin their comrades in Severin Steelheart’s company. However, the twisting and ever-changing maze of the dead city thwarts them at every turn – and Grimwatch has his own troubles as flashes of another life take him. Mortal danger stalks them, as a warrior of the Khorne Bloodbound, also suffering visions of an impossible past, seeks to take their skulls for his bloodthirsty god… 


Watch out for a review on these very pages, coming soon!




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