The Well-geared Gamer – Counter Attack Bases Token Review

Welcome to the well-geared gamer – in this series we take a look at some of the accessories available  and weigh up how useful they are in games of Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire


Today we look at the token sets from Counter Attack Bases

Counter Attack was kind enough to send us two sets of tokens to review.

First up 

The two player set retailing at £25


Which contains :

  • 8 x Double Sided Activated tokens (black Perspex – 23mm diameter)
  • 15 x two tone Glory tokens (black and yellow or gold Perspex – approx. 22mm diameter)
  • 20 x Wound tokens (red Perspex – 18mm diameter)
  • 5 x On Guard tokens (blue Perspex – approx. 18mm shield)
  • 8 x Moved tokens (red Perspex – approx. 17mm square)
  • 8 x Charged tokens (red Perspex – approx. 17mm square)


The Second set was the Warband specific quadrant set. Retailing at £4.

Each set includes enough ‘On Guard’, ‘Moved’ and ‘Charged’ base quadrants for each model in the Warband and at the correct size of their bases (32mm for Reavers & Iron Boyz, 40mm for Eternals, 25mm for Skeleton Guard etc).

This set does not contain any wound tokens, activation tokens, or glory, but these can be purchased individually from Counter Attack.

The best way to review something is to actually see the product in action, so we had a couple of friendly games (or not so friendly as it was Ironskull vs Garrek!).



 Two player set.

What we liked!

  • Easily stacked
  • Ready straight from the packaging
  • The Glory tokens themselves come with a gold or yellow internal token.
  • They are very similar design to the card push out tokens you get with the core set. This gives both yourself and your opponent the ability to read the game without having an explanation of which characters have activated.
  • All but the glory tokens seem to be single part tokens so quite durable.
  • The glory tokens are two-part pieces. With the gold, embossed being removable. This is a cool idea, as when you spend a glory instead of simply flipping the token you could remove the glory icon from the centre. Although this would lead to possible breakages of the outer frame or loss of the core of the token itself, so we advise some caution when using them.
  • Using them in game wound tokens were clearly visible on cards, glory clearly visible too.
  • Nice rounded edges to the square tokens also this should increase the lifespan of them.

What we didn’t like as much!

Our main issue with this set is the ability to see what is printed on them

As you can see from the image the black tokens have a grey pattern on them. We think this would be a lot better in a strong white colour to which would be the perfect contrast. As you can see it makes them slightly difficult to see when light shines on them.

Alternatively, if the tokens are to be painted then it may be a good idea to leave a film on which highlights the area as a stencil so can be easily painted.

We all have different abilities when it comes to painting after all  (Speak for yourself, Ed!)



The Warband Specific Quadrant Set



What we Liked!

We really, really liked this idea!

These tokens refer to the actions that your character has taken in the game so are to be used in conjunction with the glory and wound tokens discussed above.

They tokens come in a range of colours that match the colours of the warbands they are designed for as well as opaque and clear acrylic, which adds greats customer choice.

In our case we got Stormcast (9 tokens) and Khorne (15 tokens), they fit your required Warband perfectly with 40mm,32mm and 25mm sizes respectively.

What we didn’t like as much!

When using them on the board, we found one problem, being all the same shape and the markings being a light grey they were difficult to see in the heat of battle.

We have included the image below to show you just what we mean.


With a tiny bit of reworking to make the markings more prominent, we would definitely recommend the use of these. We especially like the idea of the range of colours so they can be customised to your Warband, giving it a personal touch. If you liked what you’ve seen here – we recommend you head over to the Counter Attack Bases Store at and buy a set of your own. Why not drop by their facebook page and say hi too!

We would love to see your comments here our on our facebook page.

Editors Note – Full Disclosure 

Counter Attack Bases provided with the tokens reviewed here free of charge. 

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