Gathering your Painting Equipment

Today we look at the equipment you will need to paint your Warbands.

Spray Paint

Black or white spray paint is the best way to undercoat your miniatures. These can be purchased from any hobby store and many general stores as well. Games Workshop sell these as Corax White and Chaos Black.

Paint Brushes

A small selection of paintbrushes are required to get to grips with the basics of painting .

We advise the following

Fine detail,

Standard (medium sized brush),

Wash (larger brush) 

Drybrush (flat sided).

There are loads of different suppliers of brushes from cheaper synthetic to the more deluxe sable hair.

Army Painter , Games Workshop and broken toad to name a few


Citadel have a huge range of paints that are readily available and are generally used as the standard by most wargaming circles.

the citadel paint system uses a layering technique , including base paints , layer paints , washes , dry brushes and technical paints . 

Vallejo paints are also available and provide an excellent and often cheaper alternative to the citadel system . 



Matte varnish will help to protect the paint job that you’ve spent time and effort getting just right, and prevent pealing and chipping.



Any office lamp with a daylight bulb is perfect for painting. Natural bulbs tint everything you paint with a yellow hue (so white paint would appear slightly yellowed or cream). Whereas a daylight bulb gives out out white light, maintaining the correct hue and shade as you paint , the best alternative to painting in actual daylight !

Painting Mats and Trays

These are simply designed to minimise spills and organise your workspace. Normally the trays have raised edges to contain any paint spills within the confines of the trays so can be a god send for a clumsy painter! ( Eveyone joins the spilt nuln oil club eventually Ed!)


So now you know what you need, we would love to see your warbands !



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