Deck Reflections Steelheart’s Champions – with Tom Martin

We asked Blood and Glory Grand Clash finalist Tom Martin , to share his latest deck and talk us through the highlights of it.


Seize Ground
Superior Tactician
Crushing Force
Lightning Strikes
Slayer of Tyrants
Plant a Standard

Most of these are very easy to score for the Stormcast as they are mostly focused around taking enemy fighters out of action. Eternals can be a bit hit or miss but if your opponent misses a few early attacks and your fellas get inspired you’re in a good position to get that done. Annihilation is the most difficult to score in this deck for the obvious reasons. However, it should be entirely doable against all the current warbands except the Sepulchral Guard. Chances are if you’ve managed to wipe out your opponents warband you’ve probably won the game anyway but those last five glory might be what gets you on the podium.


Daylight Robbery
Peal of Thunder
Illusory Fighter
Tireless Assault
Time Trap
Mighty Swing
Healing Potion
Scavenge and Daylight Robbery give you access to alternate ways to score glory and essentially give you a 14 card objective deck. Peal of Thunder, Distraction, Illusory Fighter and Sidestep grant the Stormcast a much needed mobility boost with friendly and enemy pushes. Illusory Fighter can be used to pull someone out of a tricky fight, to stop your opponent getting Denial or to move potentially great distances without having to use up a move or a charge. Tireless Assault, Time Trap and Mighty Swing can give your attacks a little bit more reliability/potency. Time Trap and Mighty Swing is a great combo. Last but not least the Healing Potion is there to help keep the gang alive of course.


Heroic Stride
Fatal Riposte
Heroic Might
Great Strength
Blessed by Sigmar
Great Fortitude
Army of One
Blessed Armour
Soul Trap
Helpful Whispers

Heroic Stride provides Steelheart with a lot more manoeuvrability to help with Seize Ground and Plant a Standard. Fatal Riposte makes him a much less appealing target when your opponent knows that a failed attack from them might mean the end of a friendly model. Great strength turns any of the Stormcast into boss slayers and is especially mean on an inspired Brightshield with her guaranteed parry. I play Heroic Might for the mirror match and Orruks. Blessed by Sigmar and Great Fortitude can make all the difference against enemies that have to chip away at you. Army of One is there to keep that one last fighter alive and scoring glory. Helpful Whispers was a HUGE buff for the Stormcast who aren’t often fighting alongside each other.


Tom’s Final Thoughts

Steelheart’s Champions can look quite unappealing now we have the new warbands due to the risk of losing fighters early in the game. I’ve found the best way to deal with this is to deploy in a position where your opponent can’t instantly charge you. Make them put the work in, kill off the attackers and then push into their territory. I think their biggest downfall is their inspire condition. All of them gain great abilities one they’re inspired but having to be attacked to get there can be pretty scary.
Enemy leaders are usually the biggest issue for these guys as they tend to be big hitters. Try to bait them out once you’ve got some upgrades stacked and go in for the kill.

One thought on “Deck Reflections Steelheart’s Champions – with Tom Martin

  • November 22, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    Interesting thoughts – gave me a new spin on my deck creation. Do you mind if I translate the interview into german an put it on my (german) blog? With a link to your website and introduction of you and Tom?


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