Low Cost Ways to Distinguish Your Warbands

WU: Shadespire has opened the doors to many non-wargamers into the hobby. We look at how to distinguish your models from your opponent’s 

While Games Workshop would like everybody to invest in their paints and brushes, this side of the hobby is simply not for everyone (Although it’s incredibly rewarding in the longterm ED!). With that in mind, we take a look at some simple ways to make your models “your own” with minimum effort with the view of using them as gaming pieces, rather than the traditional gaming miniatures.

Spray Paints

Spray painting your models is easily achievable –  A large selection of dedicated hobby spray paints are available from Games Workshop and other suppliers like Army Painter.

There are many high-street stores that also sell spray paint.  Wilkinsons ( That’s a discount shop in the UK, think dollar stores American readers! ED.)  offer a fantastic gold spray for use on ornaments and home improvements, that works really well on Stormcast Eternals. 

The best way to spray your miniatures is to attach them to a flat surface . Give the spray can a good shake and apply to the miniatures (try to keep a minimum 30cm distance) in a well-ventilated area – (preferably outside and not on the dinner table ED!) 

Here Duncan Rhodes takes you through the basics of preparing to spray at 1 minute 48.


While you don’t have to purchase an entire range of paints a simple “spray and a wash” can do wonders for individualisation. Games Workshop and Army painter produce washes for miniatures under various names and colours; the job of this paint is to “shade” a model, so it will run into the recesses when applied.

These are great for giving some texture to a sprayed model or even the bare plastic on a Shadespire Warband. This will also be the furthest you can take a model to being unique without sitting down and learning to paint miniatures!

Base Rims

Changing the base rims for the Warband is a very cost-effective way of distinguishing your Warband from your opponents. Whether simply painting the base rim with a permanent marker or paint with a brush as long as your miniatures can be distinguished that is all that matters.

Graphics Pens

In most arts and crafts stores they will have a selection of artists graphics pens, these are ultra-fine markers which will enable you to write your name or draw a pattern on the base rims for identification.

Coloured Stickers

Small coloured stickers applied to the backs of bases will also identify your miniatures. However, you should ensure your opponent can identify yours from there’s too!

Personal Labels

Simply putting the character/ your name on the base rim by simply printing them out on a label printer is very effective for almost £0 cost!

And there you go! 6 simple ways to make your models stand out from the crowd!

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