Conversion Corner – Sepulchral Guard with Chris C

Chris takes us through his approach to the final Warband of this wave – the Sepulchral Guard


This week the undead are on the hobby table. First to be previewed and genuinely gorgeous sculpts (although as always, conversions must be done!). On the whole it was simple weapon and head swaps but the fragility of skeletons arms played a part in what could be done.

The Sepulchral Warden; had his spear head changed for a tomb kings khopesh blade (a throw back to the world that was!). A bit more work and his head was swapped for a grave guard helmed head and a slight reposition.

The Harvester, was simply a blade swap for a hex wraiths, also added was some of the small flame vials from the same kit.

The Champion’s great sword was swapped for an ‘ard boyz axe. A spear was considered but it didn’t look right for the pose of the miniature. This particular conversion was a favorite as the axe gave him a classic barbarian look!

The Prince of Dust; while the mace was looked good, it didn’t match the exotic weaponry of the warden. Using the zombie scythe, I clipped it down into a conversion I had done on previous miniatures; a “falx” sword.

Petitioner 1, while unhelmed heads (aka skulls) look great, I prefer the majority of my warbands to be helmed for going into battle. This was fairly easily swapped with a grave guard helm.

Petitioner 2, was converted to have a scimitar. This conversion was another favourite as the “flow” of the miniature was greatly improved by a curved blade.

Petitioner 3, while the sword was OK, I felt that a spear might be a better weapon. This required an arm swap to get the spear placement correct.


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