Deck Reflections – Ironskull’s Boyz

In the first of a series of looks at potential deck builds and playstyles – Chris C takes us through his Ironskull’s Boyz deck



Having played a couple of games with the Ironskulls, I quickly discovered they had a very “user-friendly” play style. 
Ironskull himself is a monster with 5 wounds and a 3 damage attack but slow with only 3 movement. When inspired he gains a reroll on an attack dice so it’s a nice bonus when you miss that vital attack.

Bonekutta provides the seemingly standard “great weapon guy” of the warband. Hits on hammers for 2 damage with 4 wounds (so not bad), when inspired he increases his damage too! 

Basha and Hakka, both are fairly uninspiring in their base forms with a 2 sword – 1 damage attack, they do however come with special rule perks. Hakka gets cleave and Basha gets knockback 1, both on critical hits. While they seem a little lackluster for a 4 man team when inspired they both gain an extra attack dice and damage! Not too shabby for the “expendables” of the group. 

As a whole; good all-rounders with plenty of wounds, decent weapons and a good inspiration mechanic that encourages a more aggressive play style with a defensive Warband.
Whilst I played a couple of games with Garrek’s Reavers using the standard decks, I decided to have a go at building my own deck for this game…..


The Objective Deck 

  1.  Hold objective 1
  2. Hold objective 2
  3. Hold objective 3
  4. Hold objective 4
  5. Hold objective 5
  6. Supremacy
  7. Denial 
  8. Superior tactician 
  9. Too dumb to die 
  10. Brawl 
  11. Punch up 
  12. Biggest an’ Da best 


Beginning with the objective deck; while only 12 cards strong this is probably the most important of the 2 decks. The objective deck needs a fine balance between ability to score and score value. Meaning it is pointless filling the deck with lots of high scoring cards and only achieving 1 or 2 by the 3rd round. But on the flip side, if it is filled with easier (but lower) to score objectives, you end up limiting your scoring potential. Knowing that “Da Ladz is well ard” the hold objective x cards were a good start, alongside some hurt the other warband objectives.

As you can see the big scorers have been omitted for some more achievable objectives.

This leans the deck slightly towards easily claimed objectives meaning  the ability to purchase some all-important upgrades for the warband early on.  

Claim Objective cards are great 1 glory scorers alongside Punch-Up and Brawl encouraging aggressive maneuvers against the enemy warband.

Now onto the power deck; going for a more defensive posture with the upgrades increase the “permanent” survivability of the warband.  


The Power Deck


  • Great Speed
  • Great Strength 
  • ‘Eadbutt 
  • ‘Ard Head
  • Soul trap 
  • Unkillable 
  • Shardcaller 
  • Blessed Armour 
  • Great Fortitude 
  • Army of One

7/10 are defensive upgrades, either for keeping the warband alive if they are taking a fatal blow (Soul Trap/ Unkillable) or reducing incoming damage (Blessed Armour/’Ard Head). While maintaining some offensive upgrades (Great Strength is a firm favourite) to ensure the warband maintains a good damage output when against more armoured opponents. 

When selecting the ploy cards it is good to remember they are one use cards, so timing is key. Knowing the upgrade cards were mainly defensive, the ploys could afford to be more aggressive. 


  • Last Lunge
  • Gorkamorka’s Blessing
  • Mighty Swing 
  • Brutal But Kunnin’
  • Sidestep
  • ‘Avin a Good Time 
  • Forceful Denial
  • Illusory Fighter 
  • Healing Potion
  • Fortify 


Having built the deck  – it was time to give it a spin! vs the Sepulchral Guard 

Fast forward an hour so it ended with two wins and some ideas for deck changes already! 

Fortify isn’t that much use when not sat around on objectives for very long (beyond a claim objective card). ‘Eadbutt while a great ability, I found simply killing your opponent more useful! Army of One played no use in the games played….

Mighty Swing while situational, is fantastic on good damage characters  (Ironskull killed 2/3 of the guard surrounding him with that one, but relies heavily on dice, a similar attack from the harvester did nothing due to dice ). Healing Potion is auto-include in all my decks. Illusory Fighter is fantastic for getting characters out of sticky situations or for that last minute push to kill over zealous enemies for Denial. 


Chris C’s Top Tips

  1. Try to build on your warbands strengths while Covering their weaknesses
  2. Always remember your glory point ceiling
  3. No matter how good the deck is, you still have to roll some dice

2 thoughts on “Deck Reflections – Ironskull’s Boyz

  • November 7, 2017 at 11:06 am

    Looks fun, i’ve been playing around with an irk deck with no objective holding cards so it’s interesting seeing how they play with them. A quick question though, have you thought about kunnin but brutal? I’ve found it to be amazing for adding manoeuvrability and having a 1 turn rampage with bonecutta or ironskull. Finish round 1 in contact with someone. 1st activation of round 2 kill what you’re stood next to, push 3 hexes into contact with something else. 2nd activation kill that. 3rd activation move into combat something else, attack and still have another activation for another attack if any failed! Combos nicely with ‘Avin a good time and leading by example too

  • November 7, 2017 at 11:52 am

    Yeh I considered kunnin but brutal but opted out to try a few of the other cards while I’m getting a feel for the warband πŸ™‚

    I’ll have a look at the cards you’ve suggested as I’m tweaking the deck in preparation for this weekends gaming!

    Figured I’d need a couple more games under my belt to start figuring out the synergy between cards etc πŸ™‚


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