Arena Clash : Matt’s Ironskulls Boyz vs Jamie’s Sepulchral Guard

In the first of our Arena Clash reports – Jamie’s Death warband takes on Matt’s Ironjaws!





The initial roll of goes to Matt with 2 criticals to 1. He opts for a long deployment, completing 3 hexes.

After 6 rolls for deployment priority, Matt and the Ironjawz take the first action.


  • IB: Cutta performs a charge action into the Harvester. He scores a critical hit and does 2 damage and chooses not to push him. Both players pass in the Power Phase
  • SG: For their first action, Jamie charges the Sepulchral Guard Champion into Cutta. He Crits and scores 2 Damage, inspiring the bellowing Orruk! Jamie elects to pass his first Power play, whilst Matt plays a Deafening Bellow which pushes The Champion back to his starting hex. Both players then pass.
  • IB: Ironskull himself charges into a Petitioner but completely fumbles his attacks and no damage is caused! Both players pass in the Power Phase.
  • SG: The Harvester now swings his mighty scythe at Cutta slicing him in two with a solitary hit! Jamie then plays Helpful Whispers on The Champion allowing him to count as supported even when not next to friendly models! Both players then pass.
  • IB: Hacka moves forward and both players pass in the Power Phase
  • SG: The Prince of Dust moves onto Objective 4 and there are no power cards
  • IB: Basha moves up and both players pass in the Power Phase.
  • SG: The Warden backs away slowly and no further power cards are drawn.


Jamie and the Sepulchral Guard have 1 Glory, Matt and Ironskuls Boyz have none. No Objectives completed. Matt discards all of his objective cards and redraws. Jamie discards 2 Power Cards and 1 Objective Card.


  • SG: Jamie wins priority and immediately charges with The Champion into Ironskull himself! He critically hits and wounds Ironskull for 2 damage, but Inspires the boss! Jamie passes his first power card play, whilst Matt plays More Choppin’ to give +1 dice on his next attack.
  • IB: Ironskull attacks the Petitioner in front of him and causes 3 damage, killing him outright. Matt then plays Lead By Example to allow him to activate another model, in which he charges Basha into The Harvester causing a single hit which goes undefended, killing the Harvester! Matt then played a Brutal Frenzy upgrade on Basha giving him an extra pip of Knockback.
  • SG: The Warden summons The Harvester which triggers his inspired condition. Jamie then passes in the Power Phase, whilst Matt elects to play Headlong Rush on Basha giving him a further pip of Knockback!
  • IB: Hacka charges into The Champion causing a critical hit for 1 damage.
  • SG: The Warden resurrects a Petitioner and inspires him and himself for resurrecting 2 models!
  • IB: Ironskull charges into The Warden causing 3 damage. Mat passes in the Power Phase, allowing Jamie to play Swift Evasion and move the Warden away 1 hex!
  • SG: The Warden moves two Petitioners.
  • IB: Matt discards the Endless Slaughter objective card and draws another.


  • Jamie scores Battle Without End and Determined Defender (having his Petitioner on Objective 4 for two turns) giving him 3 Glory
  • Matt scores Da Biggest And Da Best giving him 3 Glory.


  • IB: Winning priority, Matt charges Ironskull into The Warden and slays him with an epic double crit! To rub salt in the wound, he then plays the Victorious Duel objective netting him 2 more glory! Matt then plays Ard Ed on Basha (reducing all damage taken by 1) and then Ded Ard on Ironskull meaning he can no longer be pushed back!
  • SG: The Harvester attacks Basha but misses. Matt plays Aspiring Boss on Hacka.
  • IB: Hacka charge The Champion hitting critically, but Jamie scores a crit for his defence!
  • SG: A Petitioner charges Basha scoring 1 damage with a critical hit which in turn inspires Basha! Jamie then plays Blessed Armour on The Harvester, and Soul Trap on The Champion
  • IB: Basha charges a Petitioner and causes 2 damage which kills him! Matt then scores Call of the Waaagh! Jamie plays Restless Dead on a Petitioner.
  • The Harvester Inspired charges Ironskull and manages to roll two assists for 2 damage!
  • IB: Matt discards Ploy Master and Jamie plays Spectral Form on the Harvester
  • SG: An inspired Petitioner charges Ironskull and kills him in a final act of spite!


Matt claims Punch Up giving him a total of 10 Glory to Jamies 4- Ironskull win!

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