Conversion Corner – Steelheart’s Champions with Chris C

This weekend , our resident conversion champion looks at the possibilities of making minor conversions to Steelheart’s Champions whilst keeping them tournament legal

“With a flash of lightning and rolling thunderclap the gleaming warhosts of the Stormcast Eternals arrive for battle.”

After having a look at the sprues, I immediately went in search of Stormcast spares…..

Handily, there was a left over helm from Naeve Blacktalon (while not a huge difference, I liked it slightly more) and a single handed axe from some liberators. From the other, I grabbed a storm strike glaive, a new shield and an unhelmed head. 

Angharad has the most bit swaps involved so is a perfect place to start. 

Changing the hammer hand (at the elbow) and positioning the arm to enhance the “forward momentum” of the model was the first change made.

Then it was a simple head and shield swap (I felt the shield was a bit plain for a champion). However, something was missing and having a look through some picture of stormcast champions I realised that her helmet was lacking a top knot! Handily I had a spare, long pony tail that would be perfect for her. 

Next up, Oberyn the Bold…..

Oberyn was the biggest conundrum out of all the stormcast. While wanting to change the hammer, it seemed like every option was being done locally…. I spent the entire night matching different weapons to him before finally settling on the original hammer.

 Finally, I am not a huge fan of the classic stormcast helms so he was given the spare unhelmed head. 

Last but not least Steelheart  himself….

Steelheart was to have a different weapon and being huge fan of the stormcast paladin protectors, I opted for a storm strike glaive.

His arm position was handily perfect for an “at rest” pose.

The only challenging part was trimming the small lightning bolts that were sculpted to his vambrace/ sword.
Chris C’s Top Tips

Spend some time looking for weapons that you like before cutting!

Keep a sharp Knife – useful for trimming model parts you don’t need.

Have an idea of the end model before you start work. 

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