Interview with Tom Martin

The Grand Clash has just finished and we managed to grab a few minutes with the losing finalist Tom Martin


SG: commiserations , was a great game to watch. Your Karsus charge was ballsy as hell. Curse the dice gods !

TM : I had to try and please the blood god after all! I hope the games were as much fun to watch as they were to play!

SG : Was really good , you were unlucky on dice and card pulls all game ! How’s it feel to be the best khorne player on the planet ??

TM: Yeahhh those sneaky dice turned some brave moves into very silly ones haha! Over the moon with the result and I’m ready for more!

SG : There’s quite a debate on the Shadespire forums and Facebook groups about Rhu having prior knowledge of the guard deck , do you think that had an effect on your Game plan?

Personally I thought card draws and dice had a bigger effect on the game than anything else . Super sportsmanship by the way on allowing him the supremacy score

TM : I think it did play in his favour a little bit because I really had to feel them out in the first game but yeah the dice and the cards were what helped sway things in his favour. After all he didn’t know how I was going to play and who the luck gods were gonna be behind.

I was happy to let the misplay go it was our first event and knowing there’s viewers judging every definitely adds a unique pressure!

He was an excellent player and I wouldn’t want to take that away from him by saying he had bonus knowledge!

SG : Will we be seeing you again on the Shadespire scene or is this a one off ?

TM : I’ll definitely be back for more! I’ve the skeletons and orks waiting to be painted !


SG : Thanks Tom ! Look forward to seeing you play again soon !

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