Tactica Tavern AoS edition with Voodoo

Welcome Weary Traveller to the Tactica Tavern!
Stay a while and listen ( stop plagiarising other games!! Ed.)

I am going to take a look at the first two AoS warscrolls for Shadespire and just discuss my initial thoughts about them.


Starting off we have Steelheart’s Champions, at 100points for 3 it seems about average for a Stormcast unit; stat-wise they seem very similar to the weapons they have equipped.

Personally, it’s their special rules I find interesting. They have the “lay low the tyrants” rule as per usual for a liberator unit, but it is “heroic guard” that I particularly like.

 It basically boils down to a permanent +1 save for the first turn they are charged as if the unit was in cover (although they can never now claim that modifier). This is  perfect for that midfield, out of cover objective! Combine that with a mystic shield (from an allied wizard) and you have a 2+ re-rollable save for the first round of combat, with a marginally punchy unit (with 2/3 weapons being rend -1, and damage 2-3), just make sure Angharad dies last!

 That should hopefully provide enough of a speed bump to hold back an opponent’s unit until the cavalry arrives…..


We also have Garrek’s Reavers, the cheapest of the bunch at a measly 60points! 

They seem to want to play exactly like Blood Reaver units (that require buffing and synergy with other units in the army). 

“Frenzied Devition”, grants +1 attacks when within 12inches of a totem (fairly easy for bloodbound). 

When you combine this with the “Grisly trophy” rule which grants battleshock immunity for one turn and +1 attacks permanently when Garrek slays an enemy hero. It makes that 7man blood reaver unit pretty good when you think of the unit as in a distraction/ assassin role. 

Picture the scenario: your opponent has done a good job hiding his wizard behind a screening unit, your big punchy unit is bearing down upon his said unit. Do they go for the 60 point unit or hit your punchy unit? 
If they go for the punchy unit then Garrek (plus friends) has more than enough hitting potential to kill softer heroes like wizards and they only get stronger as they do so, while potentially moving away to grab a vital objective during the later game.

If they go for Garrek then all you have lost is 60 points!

Overall, while neither unit is probably going to make it into a top tier or tournament winning list they both have an excellent narrative or friendly game potential. I see a good use for these in a Shadespire/AoS escalation campaign or for playing the narratives of the Stormcast vs everyone else clashes described in the rulebook.

Now to test out these observations on the battlefield!  


2 thoughts on “Tactica Tavern AoS edition with Voodoo

  • November 1, 2017 at 11:35 pm

    After having a quick look at Garrek and a few bloodbound buffs I think it maybe possible to get 2+ attacks grisly trophy even comes into play. It states that Garrek and the unit get +1 attack from Frenzied devotion when within 12inch of a totem. If you have said totem as a bloodsercator and he plants his totem (rage of Khorne) that’s an additional +1 attack. If you have a bloodstoker nearby it’s rerolling 1s to wounds. Also include an aspiring deathbringer “Slaughter incarnate” added a further +1 attack. Garrek moves from 3 attacks to 6 in true khorne style!

    Unless I’m missing a few rules I believe this is all possible

    • November 3, 2017 at 5:05 pm

      Nice spot!

      I don’t play khorne but played against them and know they stack attacks like layers on a sandwich lol!


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