Conversion Corner 1 with Voodoo

I began my journey into Shadespire with Garreks Reavers! While very nice in their “out of box” form, I have an overriding need to customize nearly every model that I buy!

They are obviously blood reavers with Garrek having the customary severed head trophy of Khornate champions everywhere. My personal favourite is Blooded Saek with the big double handed axe.

The thought process for my conversions is normally dictated by what bits I can lay my hands on for inspiration! I am very lucky to have access to my local community bits box where I can normally be found rummaging through looking for weapons and armour to adorn my various ork hordes.

My initial forages discovered the end of a bloodthirster whip but not much else (sadly), but it did give me a bit of inspiration; so not a total loss! Browsing my local hobby group (facebook) I noticed a friend who was converting his reavers too, and was willing to split some spare bloodbound bits he had (result!).

Promptly snipping at bits of sprue, I managed to find a few weapons and after some discussion another conversion idea! Gathering the bits I had collected I set about building the reavers…..

For Garrek himself, I went with a back banner (to better display his trophies) and one of the cool looking axes.

For Blooded Saek, I simply swapped the axe head for the bloodthirster icon. With the flames whipping out behind I thought this gave more “motion” to the model.

Karsus the Chained, was a bit more ambitious then a hand swap. After much trial and error, I finally managed to get the chain glued to simulate him almost throwing (or whipping) the hammer chain forward.

Arnulf, was a simple weapon swap, however I have tried to maintain the forward thrust of the model by replacing the knife with a sword instead of the customary axe.

Targor, was the simplest of the 5, I simply swapped the axe hand with a weapon more befitting the other weapons within the group.

So that’s Garreks Reavers, all customised and painted, ready for the table top!
In the next article I’ll be tackling Steelhearts champions, stay tuned…

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